32-Year-Old Woman Goes Completely Nuts After Winning The Grand Prize In A Trivia Game: $11

A live game show app is taking the internet by storm, prompting players from all over to gather every weekday and every night and play together. Lauren May was one of them, and the 32-year-old ended up winning the grand prize!

Well, maybe “grand” isn’t the best word to use to describe the prize Lauren won.

The app is called HQ Trivia. At 3 p.m. each day and 9 p.m. each night (EST), upwards of a million people sign in to the game to play against one another.

“I will ask you 12 questions, multiple choice answers from easy to hard, and you have 10 seconds to answer each question,” game host Scott Rogowsky explains. “Get it wrong, and you are eliminated. Get to the end, and you share the prize.”

Rus Yusupov, a co-founder of the game, told Inside Edition that “many play for months and get closer and closer to winning.”

So it’s amazing that so many people play, considering the prize money is shared. In fact, the grand prize is so widely spread amongst winners that most people don’t win more than $50.

Which made Lauren’s elaborate reaction to her victory so much more hilarious. After answering all the questions correctly, she only won $11!

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